winters in the chilcotin are like no other, with deep powder perfect for snowmobiling, numerous opportunities for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and even skating!

snowmobiling in the chilcotin

Snowmobilers overlooking Turner Lake Chain from Trumpeter Mountain.

Photo courtesy of Ted Hlokoff. A young sledder hits the powder on his snowmobile.We are the premier accommodation destination for snowmobilers looking to hit the deep powder in the Rainbow Mountains, less than an hour's drive from Chilcotin's Waterfront cabins and motel rooms.

Cross country skier on the groomed trail in the Rainbow Mountains.Not only can you get in some great snowmobiling either locally or in the mountains, but there are groomed cross country ski trails in the Rainbows as well as some at Nimpo Lake. Follow snowmobile tracks at lower levels or break your own trails with skies or snowshoes.

Photo courtesy of Dawn Thompson. A golden fox stands in the snow.We have an amazing array of wildlife here and many of the animals are much more commonly seen in winter than in summer. Caribou and deer, moose, fox, as well as coyote are often seen crossing the lake. Wolves are in the area and sometimes you will hear them and the odd time you will see them cross the lake ice as well. If you are very fortunate you may also see a lynx or even a wolverine.

A family ice fish around their tent set up on Nimpo Lake.Nimpo Lake is a popular ice fishing lake. There are a lot of rainbow trout in this lake and while easy to catch in summer, sometimes you'll have mixed results in winter, but when they're biting it's a free for all! It's also just a great excuse for many locals and visitors to get out on a sunny day around a campfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

Winter on Nimpo Lake is usually sunny and beautiful.You can snowmobile, cross country ski, winter hike, snowshoe and skate here at Nimpo Lake or in the surrounding area. But it's a wonderful place to simply start a fire and roast some hot dogs, or just enjoy the frosty trees, brilliant blue skies and fluffy, clean snow. Take a walk on one of the trails here and you'll probably see tracks in the snow from grouse, ptarmigan, fox, coyote, moose, and deer and sometimes you'll even run across a lynx or a huge wolf track. There is also a very real possibility that you will see caribou or other animals crossing the lake ice right in front of you so don't forget your camera!

Caribou on Nimpo Lake.

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Nimpo Lake at sunset